Hannah and Shane

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Our Story

Our love story gives a huge thank you to the University of Cincinnati where we met (a few times)! Freshman year, without knowing, we lived in the same dorm. Sophomore year, we met at a bar named Woody’s. After over a year of not running into each other, we re-met at another bar, Mr. Sushi. This is when Hannah asked Shane to her sorority date party and he said yes! It was clearly fate that we were brought together again!

After the date party and a few weeks of getting to know each other, we had an unusual first date! After eating at The Eagle and ice cream at Graeter’s, Shane started to drive home. While behind another car at a red light, we were hit from behind and Shane’s car was totaled. This led to Hannah meeting Shane’s mom and step-dad on the first date! After more time of getting to know each other and building a strong friendship, we went to a Red’s game and started dating April 18, 2016.

Almost four years later, Shane realized Hannah was the one and he got down on one knee overlooking downtown Cincinnati! Shane told Hannah there was a surprise birthday party for his mom, which turned out to be an amazing engagement party with some of our closest friends and family! #Shannah is so excited to begin this new adventure! We cannot wait to see everyone on our special day.
Pixel and Hank